Fearon group

Douglas Fearon
Tumour Immunology Laboratory
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way

Telephone: 01223 769 756
Email: dtf1000@cam.ac.uk

Research goals

We study the role of the FAP+ cell, which is a specific type of stromal cell that is found in all human adenocarcinomas. We have shown in a mouse model that conditional depletion of the FAP+ stromal cell from the tumoral microenvironment leads to immune control of tumor growth. 

We have also found, somewhat to our surprise, that the FAP+ cell comprises a stromal cell lineage that resides in many normal tissues, and that cancer may deplete these tissues of this cells, by an unknown mechanism, and cause certain systemic effects of cancer, such as cachexia and anemia.