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Mastering Science Workbook 1a 2022 [New]




docx ✑ 5.23 MB I would like the README.txt to be shown in the download. Any suggestions on how to do that? A: You need to include the headers when exporting to html: import os from docx import Document document = Document() document.add_heading("Mastering Science") # add content to the document #... with open("README.txt", "r") as read_file: read_content = document.add_heading("README.txt") document.add_paragraph(read_content)"README.txt", html=True) As @MarkCooksey points out in his comment, if the file is already a part of the source package, it is enough to add it as an attachment, like this:"README.txt", attachment=read_content) and then open README.txt as usual. J. M. Bloxom, M. A. Fontana, and M. S. Berger, Phys. Rev. B **36**, 6255 (1987). A. R. Edmonds, *Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics* (Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1960). J. M. Zeuner, *Atoms in Vortex Lattices* (Wiley, Weinheim, New York, 2003). D. M. Lee, F. E. Wolfe, and M. Cardona, Phys. Rev. B **37**, 799 (1988). G. J. Dolan, J. Appl. Phys. **57**, 3394 (1985). M. Al-Khuzai, T. W. Li, M. P. Tosi, and J. J. Cuomo, Phys. Rev. B **37**, 6459 (1988). S. T. Gilbert, J. S. Kirtley, and C. P. Bean, Phys. Rev. B **41**, 11369 (1990). C. Messio, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter **8**, L597 (1996). D. J. Morgan and J. B.



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Mastering Science Workbook 1a 2022 [New]
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