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Get hands-on with cancer research in Cambridge!

Join us at this year's Cambridge Festival on Saturday 18 March from 11am – 4pm at the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology.

Cambridge Festival poster Cancer Research UK showing a microscope and test tubes
Join us at Cambridge Festival 2023 in the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology (CAST) building.

Changing the story of Cancer

Come and find out about how our new specialist cancer research hospital is changing the story of cancer, by bringing clinical and research expertise together, look at a model of the new world-class hospital for our region and marvel at some of the interior designs.

The model box of Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital stand
The model box of Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital
The model of Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital.
Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital stand

We'll be joining the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre in the CAST Building to get hands-on with the ground-breaking cancer research being undertaken by scientists and clinicians across Cambridge.

Our interactive exhibits include hands-on experiments, informative demonstrations and plenty of fun activities for children and adults of all ages, such as:

Cancer Zone Scavenger Hunt
Can you find something that blows your mind? Something amazing? Something entertaining? Complete our scavenger hunt and then enjoy some hands-on, poster-making, screen-printing fun with artist Adam Bridgland and the CUH Arts Team.

Science in the Kitchen
Try your hand at some kitchen-based science! In our exciting twist on the traditional 'DNA extraction from strawberries' activity, we'll show you how to prepare DNA yourselves using nothing but standard kitchen equipment and household materials.

A Cambridge reseracher picking out strawberry DNA with a child at a research event
A DNA extraction from strawberries activity.

DNA Mutation Bracelets
As, Ts, Cs and Gs… What does it all mean and how can changes in this alphabet of life lead to cancer? Find out whilst making some stylish jewellery that you can take home and keep.

Show me the Kidneys!
Where are your kidneys and what do they do? Take a look inside the human body and help us find them.

Spot the Tumour
Try your eye on real kidney scans; can you spot the tumour? You'll also meet the researchers using video games software to help doctors find kidney tumours in real life.

Keyhole Surgery Simulator
Steady hands at the ready! Try out our keyhole surgery simulator, used by real surgeons to practice their key skills.

Sherlock Holmes: Cancer Detectives
Come and play our special version of ‘Guess Who’. Study the characters’ risk profiles and protective factors to see if you can identify who may have early-stage cancer.

A Life-size 'Guess Who' Board Game
Identifying early-stage cancer with our 'Guess Who' game.

Jellybean Endoscopy
Have a go at being an endoscopist! Try to find the differently coloured (possibly pre-cancerous) jellybean amongst the red ones representing normal tissue. Win some sweets if you're successful!

Jelly Brain Surgery
Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to be a brain surgeon? Using our jelly 'brains' you will be able to experience life as a specialist surgeon and see how well you can remove and treat a brain 'tumour' (a chocolate covered marshmallow!).

A researcher performing 'surgery' on a jelly brain
Using jelly brains to remove 'tumours'.

The Virtual Child
The Virtual Child is the first ever-learning and data-driven computer model of normal and cancerous nervous system development. This international project will lead to discovery of new therapeutics, transforming treatments for children with cancer.

Virtual Reality Tumours
Step inside a virtual reality tumour and see how the IMAXT Team have developed an entirely new way to study cancer. This activity is supported by the Mark Foundation Institute for Integrated Cancer Medicine – revolutionising cancer care by affecting patients along their treatment pathway.

A person looking at a virtual reality tumour
A virtual reality tumour.

Cells in Colour
Channel your inner van Gogh! Get creative and artistic with the different components that make up our cells, the building blocks of all living things.

Event details: Get hands-on with cancer research in Cambridge
On: Saturday 18 March, from 11:00am – 4:00pm

At: Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, Robinson Way (Close to the Junction of Robinson Way and Long Road), CB2 0SZ

Find out more about this and other events on the Cambridge Festival website. Look forward to seeing you there!