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Our current and former cancer patients and their families are integrated into the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital project.

Patient Andy and wife June, members of the Patient Advisory Group
Patient Andy and his wife June

Patients are involved in the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital (CCRH) project in two groups; the Patient Network and the Patient Advisory Group (PAG).

The PAG was set up from the Addenbrooke's Cancer Patient Participation Group, which has been involved in services at the hospital for more than a decade. Every member of the group sits on a workstream of the project and Co-Chairs Neil Stutchbury and Fiona Carey sit on the Joint Delivery Board. In their monthly meetings, the PAG reviews the design of an area of the hospital or shares updates from their workstreams and hears a progress report from the Project Director.

For more information on the PAG or to join, please email

Patient Governor - Neil Stutchbury Fiona Carey
Patient Governor - Neil Stutchbury
Neil Stutchbury, Co-Chair of the Patient Advisory Group
Fiona Carey
Fiona Carey, Co-Chair of the Patient Advisory Group

Neil explains what co-production means to him. "I got involved with the Cancer Patient Partnership Group and CCRH as a way of giving something back after being successfully treated for cancer at Addenbrooke’s. Working with the hospital has made me passionate about co-production; the idea that if you bring together patients along with experts and staff, you will design something quicker and better than if patients weren’t involved. Patients see things from a different perspective and can point out why some design ideas may not work or can advise how the new hospital should look and feel."

"We are all proud and pleased to be involved in such an important new facility."


The Patient Network is a more informal way of being involved in the development of the hospital. Patients who have been, or are being treated for cancer, or carers with experience of looking after someone with cancer are invited to participate depending on how much time they can give. Their involvement ranges from filling in short surveys, attending open PAG meetings and having the opportunity to hear from the project team at virtual Network events.

To join the Network, please complete a short form (opens in a new tab) and you will be added to the mailing list.