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It’s incredibly important that we work with patients, staff and the community to embed their ideas and opinions as we shape the plans for Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital.

We have been working closely with a number of community groups, organisations and individuals to understand:

- What is important to them when visiting a hospital

- The difficulties some people face in terms of signage, accessibility, digital technology and communication when visiting a hospital

- What support people need when accessing a hospital or during treatment

- Any feedback to help make Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital the best it can be for everyone

Some of the groups we have already heard from include:

- Cambridge Central Mosque

- Alzheimer’s Society

- Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

- Accessibility Symposium

- National Autistic Society

- Rosmini Centre

- Cambs Deaf Community

Patients at cambridge cancer help centre

We want to ensure we are reaching people throughout the community and hearing their views, as Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital will be for everyone.

We are always open to working with and hearing from other community and regional groups, organisations and individuals. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contacts us at