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A holistic approach

The arts can be thought of as a golden thread that will weave through every aspect of the new hospital.

CCRH patient Helene
Patient Helene

“Integrated into a well-designed healthcare environment, art can and does make a difference. It can help welcome, reassure, soothe, engage, distract… it connects us with our humanity”

All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing report (2017)

As an integral part of the CCRH project, the arts can lift the environment from acceptable to exceptional, helping to redefine what a cancer hospital can be. We aim to create a welcoming, positive and inspiring environment that far surpasses expectations and plays a genuine role in patient care.

We are working closely with clinicians and research teams to create a visual language for the environment that reflects the world-class expertise and exceptional quality of care that will be offered at CCRH. We are using the arts to engage creatively with patients and staff, helping them to articulate the story of the hospital, what they want it to be like, and what makes it special and unique.

This creative consultation work is helping us to design a building that acknowledges and treats the person, not just the cancer.