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Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is the birthplace of a number of globally significant discoveries and innovations.

The position of CCRH on Biomedical Campus
Architect image of Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital and neighbours AstraZeneca (bottom left), Royal Papworth Hospital (bottom right) and Addenbrooke's Hospital.

The city is home to the largest life sciences cluster in Europe and one of the most productive communities of cancer researchers in the world.

Located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus with its powerful trinity of academia, industry and the NHS, Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital (CCRH) will be uniquely placed to change the story of cancer.

Only here can we create the optimal environment to effectively fast-track innovation and markedly improve patient care.

CCRH will bring together the clinical excellence of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the scientific expertise of the University of Cambridge and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and the translational power of industry partners like AstraZeneca under one roof.

By bringing the lab bench to the patient bedside, we will accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into cutting-edge patient care. We will detect cancer earlier, treat it more precisely and save more lives.

The impact of what we achieve here will transform cancer care and bring hope to millions of people across the world.

"Cambridge is a world-renowned bioscience hotspot that rivals the likes of San Francisco and Boston. In Cambridge we will be part of the science research hub, surrounded by the most prestigious institutions in the world.”

Sir Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca