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Project team

Staff from across Cambridge University Hospitals and the University of Cambridge are working together to develop plans for the new hospital.

CCRH Clinical Director Dr Hugo Ford CCRH Research Lead Professor Richard Gilbertson
CCRH Clinical Director Dr Hugo Ford
Dr Hugo Ford, CCRH Clinical Lead and Director of Cancer Services, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
CCRH Research Lead Professor Richard Gilbertson
Professor Richard Gilbertson, CCRH Research Lead and Li Ka Shing Chair of Oncology, Head of Department of Oncology at the University of Cambridge, Director of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and Senior Group Leader, CRUK Cambridge Institute

Dr Hugo Ford and Professor Richard Gilbertson are co-chairs of the project's Joint Delivery Board. The eight workstream leads also sit on the Joint Delivery Board, which meets every month, as well as our Patient Advisory Group Co-Chairs Neil Stutchbury and Fiona Carey.

The Joint Strategic Board, co-chaired by Roland Sinker, Chief Executive of Cambridge University Hospitals and David Cardwell the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning, University of Cambridge, is the final decision-making body of the project.

CCRH project structure
CCRH project structure

The project has a Global Advisory Board, a group of international experts lending their knowledge and experience to guide the plans for the hospital, a Clinical Reference Group and Local Commissioners Reference Group.