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Jomar Maxion, lung cancer clinical nurse specialist

To celebrate National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Day, Jomar Maxion has shared more about his role and what is exciting about the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital.

Jomar Maxion, CNS
Jomar Maxion

I began my journey at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) in May 2019, as a staff nurse on ward D9. I was granted a secondment opportunity as a specialist support nurse in 2020, which eventually led to a permanent position in 2022. Last year, a new door of opportunity swung open, and I seized the chance to transition into the role of lung cancer CNS.

My journey with patients often begins at the pivotal moment when they receive their diagnosis. From that initial encounter, I follow them through every stage of their journey, from diagnostic tests to treatment decisions. We walk with our patients through the most difficult phases of their lives. During each clinic visit, we are granted a remarkable privilege: we become one of their greatest supporters.

Personalizing their care in this manner not only enhances their overall experience but also optimizes their outcomes by ensuring that they receive the most appropriate and effective interventions for their specific circumstances.

What I find most rewarding in my role is the opportunity to forge deep relationships with patients, guiding and supporting them at every turn of their cancer journey.


To us, these individuals are not just another patient; each has a story that extends beyond the confines of the clinic. Our dialogue with them delves into more than just clinical progress, touching upon the vibrant fabric of their daily lives and aspirations.

Nevertheless, the journey of being a lung cancer nurse is intertwined with heartache. We are aware that not all cancer journeys end with overcoming the disease. The bonds we develop with our patients are sincere and profound, rendering it exceptionally difficult to see a patient's health get worse.

The deep connection between nurse and patient makes being a specialist nurse an immensely fulfilling yet challenging profession. It demands from us the utmost levels of empathy, strength, and dedicated support. However, it also presents us with the invaluable reward of making a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

I am looking forward to the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital; not only to the physical infrastructure of the hospital, which is a dedicated building tailored to cater to the unique needs of cancer patients, but also by the prospect of reimagining our approaches to care. What excites me is the possibility of witnessing the emergence of groundbreaking breakthroughs in cancer treatment that are anticipated to start within these walls.

This hospital represents not just a place of healing, but also a hub of innovation and progress in the fight against cancer.