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Liz Chipchase, patient

When retired Cambridge scientist Liz Chipchase signed up for a clinical trial she did so out of personal interest, unaware it would be a decision that would save her life.

Liz Chipchase
Liz Chipchase

At 70-years-old, Liz felt in good health, but unknown to her a cancerous tumour was growing in her oesophagus. Liz had been contacted by her GP practice about a clinical trial to study the effectiveness of the Cytosponge. She was eligible as she had a history of heartburn.

​Liz’s results, and endoscopy showed she not only had Barrett’s oesophagus, she also had cancer – which was close to spreading. Liz had two procedures to remove the cancerous tissue and required follow up treatment to remove traces of Barrett’s. Because it was detected early she managed to avoid an operation and chemotherapy.

“It’s near miraculous to me. If my GP hadn’t been selected and got me on a good day when I thought the trial sounded interesting, I don’t know what would have happened. It’s a chain of events that makes me feel so very lucky. I’m so grateful to everyone involved. I believe this trial saved my life.”


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